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Hello my name is Mark Boyle and welcome to Betting Reviews. It is always my intention to bring you honest information about a betting or trading system, so whether you want to check out a horse racing, football or trading system then, we like to think that you've certainly come to the right place.

I'm a keen follower of some sports and in particular darts, football, horse racing, snooker and tennis and I also enjoy athletics, golf, rugby union and swimming.

It is always my aim to offer the best information and value, so if you're looking for Cheltenham racing odds, champions league updates or the latest FTSE or Dow Jones information then, hopefully I can be of assistance.

As a creator myself of a popular horse racing backing and placed system, I have a good idea of what requirements there should be in place, in order for a system to have any chance of making a steady and long term profit.

Every system should have in my opinion the three main requirements in giving yourself a chance in making a long term profit

  • Sensible Selection Process
  • Strict Money Management
  • Solid Rules Of Discipline

The last one is the hardest to conquer and only you can progress to the next level and conquer your emotional inner demons - greed and fear, as these are the two main components that drive all the betting and trading markets. 

The Grand National 2013 is nearly upon us once again, so if you're looking for a reliable place of betting on The Grand National event, look no further than William Hill. Open an account and grab your welcome bonus right away.

There are many betting exchanges and bookmakers to place your betting selections with and Bet365 is one of the best available choices in the marketplace. 

Every system or trading product in the marketplace has a risk attached to it, so if anyone tells you differently then, there's probably a reason behind it. Tread carefully when it comes to big promises on profits and healthy returns and look for products which look sensible, easy to follow, don't make big claims about profits and have a tried and tested formula preferably with a good healthy feedback. 

If you win a few bets or trades then, your ego will probably get in the way and you'll get that invincible factor, which is very dangerous and can lead to greed and skipping your betting plan and the opposite if you lose a few bets or trades and go on the inevitable losing run then, you make experience the withdrawal factor and become fearful altogether of the betting markets and never want to place a bet or trade again.

You have to adopt a systematic approach to the betting markets and treat them with respect and apply or all of your bets and trades with military precision.   

I'm a sports bettor and financial futures trader and placed my first spread bet with IG Index back in February 2007 after attending a trading course and buying a couple of related trading books.

It doesn't matter whether or not you lay horses, win bets or each way bets on football or spread bet in the financial markets the same methodology and approach should apply at all times.

The reason why most bettors and traders lose money is they sadly lack financial discipline and the main reason why bookmakers, betting exchanges and spread betting companies are always looking for new clients.

  • 80% Lose Money
  • 10% Break Even
  • 8% Make A Steady Profit
  • 2% Clean Up

The above is not exact science, but a rough estimate based on the available betting and trading information. The big question is - which betting club do you want to be in?   

At our website we will always endeavour to bring you the latest news and reviews from the sport betting markets and the financial trading world at the Betting Reviews website.  




About Me 


  Mark Boyle : I'm involved with financial trading and sports betting and currently working in internet marketing which is very enjoyable.


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